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I know....FINALLY!!!

Yes, it has been a while.... To say a lot has been going on is an understatement. We have bid a sad good-bye to President and Sister Jennings who'd been the Busan Mission President for the past 3 years. Pictures of that will follow this particular blog. I have a few blogs to do to get caught up!

Some of the missionaries that have departed the Busan Mission have asked about our church here in the Suseong District and the proposed parking lot.... and it was sorely needed! Well, there are some pictures for you below..

One of the Korean workers who made the parking lot preparing the final wall with the name of our church on. It was amazing how quickly this all happened once they started.

The area directly ahead was totally redone as well. Prior to this lot it was all brush. It was cleared and new landscaping done along the wall between the church (red building) and the parking lot.

See the steeple at the front of the church? It is puzzling to me why they built the front of the church as they did. It faces the other near-by apartments so perhaps that was the thinking. Everyone sees mostly just the back however as that faces the street and parking. The front of the building is seldom seen but is quite pretty.

This whole area was filled with old Korean homes that were all vacant, except for ones you can just make out in the back left. Low houses with tile roofs of older times. The ones that were still occupied were also taken care of by this project.  A couple were patched where the cement or whatever they are made of was fixed, walls were put up to enclose the area, which also provided protection to them.

 This is the church sign as you enter the lot. They had just installed it as we took this picture.

This, of course, is a later picture of one of our Korean boys playing catch. The parking lot has movable basketball hoops, lines to play, and areas for soccer. The missionaries love this on P-day.

Sister Bagley and Sister Jennings in front of the new sign. We were on our way for one of our final shopping days together at the infamous fabric mart in Daegu.....

This little area was like hitting the jackpot! Both Sister Jennings and Sister Bagley found so many things there to take home and make. The area you see is run by the Korean lady on the right that's helping them. These areas are so small and yet stuffed FULL of material!!

Some pictures to let you get an idea of this great place. It's 4 floors, packed as tight as you can imagine. Not something you 'run' through.... it takes time and patience but it is sooooo worth it!! The prices can vary of course, but many, many materials can be purchased for about $2-$4 a yard.

Look at them.... beautiful materials of all types and kinds. They also have some booths were they will make things for you from what I've been told. You certainly can go around and watch them sewing.

Some of the shimmering and fancy stuff....more expensive than the others, but still great prices compared to the states. Row after row.
This shot gives you an idea of an aisle... it gets tight and HOT in the summer. They have fans but many stores, especially the older ones, have never heard of A/C.

Plaids, stripes, plain. Some areas specialize in particular things, some seem to carry it all.

And one of the MAIN loves of our time here; our missionaries! This was one of our Transfer Breakfasts. Elders Harman, Arnell, Thompson and Chandler from left to right. Brotherly love.....

Talk and social time...
A new missionary to our zone, standing looking at the camera behind the sisters; Elder Schultz.

Our new zone leader (we now have 2) Elder Babcock behind the couch. Sister Oaks and Sister Cramer in the back and Sister LeeSeHyn and Sister YooJinAh on the couch.

There's a lot of added stress being a zone leader! Elder Thompson is helping relieve the tension...

Elder Chandler seems to be happy with the pancake Elder Harman made him.

Elder Wilcox, Elder KimUkTae and Elder LeeHaNeul playing a board game.

Elder Day ate, was filled, and found his own way to celebrate the day!

Great picture of Elder Harris and Elder Babcock

Elders Harris, Elder Babcock and Elder Wade.

Elder Salazar playing a church prophet game with Elder YooJaeGook and one of our Korean sisters, I'm not sure if it's LeeSeHyn or Sister YooJinAh...sorry.

OK, this one is somewhat different - but it was fun. Elder Harman - in the picture singing (to an empty room) and Elder Wade, who unfortunately by now had been transferred to another area, helped the owner of this restaurant add a room to his restaurant. It was like an attached big room that was used for storage previously. The owners were investigating and Elder Harman and Elder Wade presented the discussions to them. The owners mentioned they wanted to convert this room to utilize at night, with a place for a group of some sort and some dancing. As Elder Harman and his new companion now, Elder Bagley took us to meet the owners and eat dinner there, they just had to show us the room. Elder Howerton took center stage and 'pretended' to play a guitar while Elder Harman picked up the mike and sang a song for us.

Elder Bagley hears Elder Harman sing a lot I would suppose.... he seemed to be off in his own world. The husband of this couple has committed to baptism, along with their 2 sons. They are still working with the wife but we all pray she will follow.

The following pictures were taken at a neat event... our military branch and the Korean ward got together to have a day of food, games, and learning. The missionaries presented the church for investigators, and many non-members showed up to see and partake of the event. Here is President Hugo of the military branch, and Bro. Lang, Elders Quorum President on the right cooking up the food. Those that cooked, cooked. It was a typical humid summer day but everyone had such a great time.

Bro. Rix is helping with the food while his wife is helping those that are lining up for the goodies.

                                                          Koreans love American food.

A little conversation along with the food is good!

Thought you might like to see some watermelons some of the Koreans were selling. Notice the price....20,000 won. Now that the dollar and the won are about equal that's just under $20.00  U.S. dollars! While the watermelons are smaller than we typically grow, they are very sweet, and quite expensive. We've found most things in Korea are - food-wise.

Elder Arnell and Elder Babcock helping with the toys that were provided by the ward/branch for those to pick from that came to the event.

People were pretty patient waiting for their turn.

This lady was serious!

Anyone say food?!!!!

Tables were set up inside the church where the air was on. Here are some local folks who stopped by to see what we were all about.

These young ladies are 2 of the reasons our branch is so special!!
 Allison Williams on the left from South Africa and Roberta Ndlela from KwaZulu-Natal.

Some entertainment is always appreciated. Bro. Ricardo Ribeiro from Sao Paulo, Brazil on the right gave us a demonstration of the music and dance from Brazil. He teaches this skill to others that are interested in learning. It was very good and we had no idea how talented he is!!

In the back are a few of his students who demonstrated to us their talents at this special dance of Bro. Ribeiro's home country. Their dancing is both graceful and athletic at the same time.

Sister Cramer with a visitor. She lives very close to the church and wanted to see what was going on. She told Sister Cramer that she watches each Sunday from her apartment as people go to this church. Her comment? She said she wanted to check it out because 'all the people always looked so happy' to her and she wanted to know why..... yes, the sisters are working with her!

While the elders certainly helped with the following posters, these two terrific sisters, Sister Oaks on the left and Sister Cramer on the right, did the lions share of the work. They truly outdid themselves. Many visitors really enjoyed them, read them, and were impressed. The Bishop of the Korean ward was so pleased he made special arrangements to keep them - for future use!

Jesus Christ, our Redeemer and our Savior. An overview of his life and ministry.

Great poster on our latter-day prophets and information about them and the restoration.

The Priesthood. On the earth again as it was when Jesus walked among men.

Temples throughout the world and the sacredness of them.

Eternal families.... we in the church are so blessed to know we will be able to be with our families forever if we live the commandments and follow the Savior. This is always of interest to the Koreans. They have a great love and respect for their ancestry.

The heavens are not closed. God still speaks to his children today and has a plan for them. We are not alone in this life and we learn where we've been, where we're going, and why we're here. So many all over the world wonder what this life is all about. What blessings we have!!!

How important the children! Luke 18:16: "But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.  In the Book of Mormon Alma counseled in Alma 37:35, “O remember, my son, and learn wisdom in thy youth; yea, learn in thy youth to keep the commandments of God."     

A great explanation of the Relief Society. A worldwide organization committed to helping and serving others, in and out of the church. It provides such support and help to every sister and her family. What a blessing to be a part of this great organization of women.

Young women and young men, such a force in the gospel. And what a blessing - those teachers who lead, guide, and serve as excellent role models for our youth as they ready themselves to face the world.

This was a great event presented by our wonderful missionaries. What an absolute joy it is to serve near them and learn from them. Serving the military within Daegu is such a blessing for us. Our military members also love the missionaries. They love to have them in their homes, to feel of their spirit and provide meals for them. Many of our investigators, and some of our newest members of the church, have come through the military. Elder Howerton and I have the best of both worlds.

Thanks for following my blog. I have more to add and will be doing another one soon!

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  1. Dear Elder and Sister Howerton,

    I love your blog! We are moving to Daegu and hope to be in your ward/branch? I already feel like I know you! See you soon!

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