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Yes, we have been busy. So much so that I thought it best to download some of the pictures of the activities so you can enjoy seeing what's going on in Daegu, South Korea!

We've made a change. From our Transfer Sunday evening meals to 'Breakfast Monday'. It was, and will be, held on the first full Monday of new transfer week. This allows for all in our zone to meet the new 'greenies' and for them to feel a part of this zone and to learn of each other faster. We had 21 missionaries in our apartment - 23 with Elder Howerton and myself.....

Here's a group sitting around eating and talking things over. We offered Sausage gravy over hot biscuits... or toast....at least while we waited for more biscuits to bake! Sliced ham, fried potatoes, pancakes made by Chef Harman and 7 large cans of orange juice! Sister Cramer on the right in the plaid shirt (and cute new hair cut) is my kind of gal - she loves the potatoes; me too Sister Cramer!!

Elder Chandler is on the left patiently awaiting another pancake from Chef-for-the-day; Elder Harman. Elder Innis on the right is supervising, I believe, and discussing music with Elder Harman. One, a beautiful singer and the other a fantasitc piano player! Next to the cook is Elder Arnell, a new missionary in our zone. I'm back making another large pan of sausage gravy (4 in all).

Our zone leader, Elder Jung is in this picture getting ready to try some American syrup on these things called pancakes. He's BIG time into American Root Beer!

Here is the chef of the day in action. Elder Harman asked me if he could make the pancakes. I told him he owned it! He did a great job and boy! did we go through the pancakes. The sausage and gravy was another big hit also.

Here is one of his 'speciality' pancakes he made for one of the elders. Disneyland has nothing on him!

Elder Bagley seems happy to be eating but I think Sister Chon thought it was time to move on to  - games!

Looks like Elder Innis is Chariman of the Board.... at least at the water cooler..... Taking a break from the food before the games begin. What great new missionaries these 3 are! We are so impressed with the quality of young men (and women) that seem to be coming out these days. Must be the great parents at home!!

Now here's a group that has learned to multi-task! Let's not let the games interrupt the food!

In front of us is Elder Jung, our zone leader. Next to him is Elder Kim and Elder Yoo. Red shirt is Elder Harris, Hawaii shirt is Elder Wade, and I'm not sure of the other two from the back.... it looks like Korea Vs the U.S. though....

Elder Howerton looking out from our bedroom to the balcony to see what's going on. As it's P-Day and most dressed-down for the breadfast, at least those who live closer and can go home and change later, he wore his BYU shirt. Someone asked him if he went there.... he replyed, 'No, just my money...'

Looks as though Elder Thompson is giving some instructions/advice/or opinion to the others....

I love Elder Kim's smile. He smiles all the time and it is so genuine. While the elder on the far right is not visable, look at his organizational abilities!

Hand and Foot anyone? I think Sister Stevens on the far left knew the game besides me. Sister Cramer and Sister Crowther really got into it! It's a fun way to spend time together.

Shhhhh...... Sister Crowther is really concentrating on her next move!

Sheeps, Wheat, I don't know what all was traded in this board game but they sure had fun playing it1

Prior to our breakfast, out of the blue one day here are Elder Harman and Elder Wade at our door! We moved in last year during the hottest and most humid time of the year; August. While this area outside our master bedroom had dirt in it and was ready to go, neither of us felt like doing a thing. I mentioned literally a couple of days prior to this about planting some tomatoes.... and here are 2 of our missionaries with plants in hand, ready to plant for us!

Elder Harman assured us he has a huge garden back in Idaho and he took the lead on this. His companion, Elder Wade, jumped right in and helped. The two of them refused to let us do a thing and before you know it, we have a new garden!

They came still in their good clothes! They'd been out all day and it was late afternoon. They had a dinner appointment later with one of their Korean members so they were very careful to remain clean. They just wanted to do this for us. Special, special missionaries who take the word service seriously.

I do believe Elder Harman knew what he was doing! Elder Wade did a great job as well but his love of  the earth is slightly different. He loves to place a small ball on top of a tee that is sitting nicely on green grass someone else plants and cares for while he hits that ball as far as it will go.... he was a 'scratch' golfer prior to his mission!

VOILA! Their finished product. Now if I can just keep them alive!!! You're literally standing on top of them, looking down. You can see the tiny tomatoes on the vines already! To the left is some color.... they planted a lavender plant for me also. Perfect combination; lavender in color (my favorite) and it will  have aromatic leaves... what more could anyone ask? 

So on this breakfast Monday here are some of our elders found sitting close to Mother Nature as they visited with one another.....

While some of the sisters just relaxed for a while and chatted. On the floor is Sister Oaks, who's new to our area and is with our Suseoung Sisters; Cramer and Chon. We have a 3-some now and believe me, they are 3 great sisters! We are so blessed to have them in our area.

While others stayed indoors to play a board game.... and stay closer to the food, I think.....

It's good to see the elders sharing time, stories and company with one another.

2 very sweet and spiritual sisters; Sister Cramer and Sister Crowther enjoying a moment together.

Going into Elder Howerton's office to 'Jam' is good too! Elder Chandler on guitar, Elder Innis on the closest thing to a piano we have.... and Elder Harman waiting to get in on the action.

Elder Wade is trying his hand at the guitar while Elder Wilcox (standing by closet) is listening.... and seriously, too.... is he by chance a musical adjudicator???

Elder Harman lends his voice to the group. So much talent in one small room!!!!!!!

Just a sampling of the cameras here this day from the missionaries as they all capture the day for their own memories. We pray they had good ones, we know we did!

Now here's the end result when you put the camera in the hands of a missionary! Interesting picture however.... look at the eye closely.... you can see the reflection of our apartment window he was looking out ..... kinda neat.

So here it is... I'm ending this for now. I do have more things to add other than our missionary day but this filled up enough room. I will make another post of things going on with the military and the Korean community shortly.

Parents and family of our missionaries: enjoy! Your sons and daughters are doing well and they are happy and healthy. They are so dedicated to their work and to serve the Lord. Elder Howerton and I are so proud of each and every one of them. I've said it before and I'll say it again; the church is in good hands and the future is so promising. Parenting is not an easy task. It is however, one of the most important things any one of us will ever do. You've done well. I am especially impressed with the number of Eagle Scouts we have within the elders. That sets them apart now and it will in their futures. We know that most boys who earn their Eagle Scout do so because of a loving and caring mother behind them. Bless each of you for that.

I know that Heavenly Father lives and knows each one of us. I'm grateful for His Son, Jesus Christ, and for the attonment in my life. We are so blessed to be serving this mission. To be serving the military and their families and help wherever and whenever we can is a joy for us. Korea is an interesting country and we're grateful for our calling here. As I always say, time is going quickly, but we are taking it day by day. We miss our family, of course, but we seem to have adopted family here too!!

I will post again soon as there is more to show you!! Thanks for following and may God bless.

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