Thursday, 23 December 2010

Can You Assist?

Just a quick blog this time...

We are in need of books; LDS books for our members to read. We have several single sisters and some brothers as well that are in South Korea teaching English in the Korean schools.

They don't have access to American TV. Some have computers, others do not. They have all mentioned that they would love to have a library of sorts with which to borrow a good book, read it, and return it for someone else to read and share. We can keep most in the Branch Presidents office or even in some of the members apartments.

They are all requesting good LDS books; novels, bios, anything. Even the military families here would appreciate it. While we can order books, on-line, it gets expensive, especially for the single teachers and soldiers.

If you have any books around and would be willing to part with them we would appreciate it. Please mail them to (by slow boat or whatever for lowest rates, please).

Dan Burnett
Unit 15760 Box 21
APO, AP 96218

Note: You will have to fill out a custom form. While you'll indicate books on the custom form, the Burnett's have requested that somewhere on the box itself would you please write/print 'LDS Books' so they will know it's for our library we're attempting to build and not something for their family.

Thanks to each and every one for any assistance you can provide

Elder and Sister Howerton

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